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The AquaPro 5000 SXT
from AquaPro Elite Systems

5-stage water refinement

5-Stage refinement process controlled by our exclusive electronic digital control valve.
Stage 1

Removes and reduces both Chlorine and Chloramines used by the city to kill bacteria, while removing foul odors and taste. Removing and reducing Chlorine and Chloramine Levels is important to copper pipes, as well as fixtures with rubber stops and fittings.

Stage 2

Ultra high-capacity commercial grade resin softens the water to zero hardness.

Stage 3

Synthetic zeolite adjusts the pH of mildly acidic incoming water, up to 0.3.

Stage 4

A highly efficient media of aluminum silicate filters incoming water to 20 micron range, removing suspended solids not visible to the naked eye.

Stage 5

Silica/Quartz base polishes the water to a sparkling clarity while ensuring even distribution.

Refiner Tank and Salt Tank - both NSF and FDA approved.
Refiner Tank Construction

• Blow-molded, high-density polyethylene NSF and FDA approved inner shell, providing leak-proof and maintenance-free operation.

• External thermowound fiberglass windings for strength and working pressures up to 120 psi.

• Atmospheric break to insulate tank and eliminate condensation.

• Highly-polished, 22 gauge stainless steel outer cover for a sleek appearance.

Salt Tank Construction

• Extra large capacity.

• Safety overflow prevention float.

• Blow-molded, high-density polyethylene NSF and FDA approved tank, with ultraviolet inhibitors.

• Periodic addition of rock salt required.