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"Daniel and Carlos were very knowledgeable. Daniel explained and performed his job very well. Very kind and polite people. Well done and good job my friends!!!" - Aris J.; Elk Grove, CA 01/04/17

"My experience with the Auqapro Elite system has been great. The rep Justin Watts was very knowledgeable about the system and was really great at introducing my wife and I to their products. They arrived the next day and installed the system very fast and made sure it worked perfectly. When our appointment had to change times Justin made sure he gave us a call and kept us informed on what was going on and made sure we knew what time to expect the team to arrive. Lastly the next rep Charles Wisham helped us get the soaps, sprays, and everything else. We would say this has been a wonderful experience. Both Justin and Charles are great at their job and really great people. We both recommend this product." - Rick S.; San Antonio, TX 01/19/17

"Jared Altic of Aquapro came by Redbird Ranch subdivision and gave us a great deal We have aquapro now for 2 weeks we have no problems whatsoever it's great Jared also threw a $2,000 dollers worth of pots and pans for us for free because we are getting married March 18th also we got hand wash dishwashing liquid for 5 years and they threw in laundry detergent all that should last us five years we got a 2 night 3 day trip to any of their resorts for free it was a heck of a deal it's a low monthly payment we're paying of 90 dollars a mouth everything's working fine but I would recommend aquapro for anybody they also have a lifetime warranty on all their parts Thank you Jared Altic." - Alfred F.; Texas 01/25/17

"Loving my system & everything that AquaPro has done for me! I was very skeptical but they reassured me many times even inviting me to their office. Joseph T. taught me everything I needed to know about my water and the system. The water is excellent! I love the way it feels and the benefits I've seen in my hair & overall health. Thank you AquaPro!" - Regan M.; San Antonio, TX

"I've had nothing but great experience with this company, including them going out of their way to install a new kitchen faucet for me and fixed the shut off valves underneath my sink, I'm not sure what's happened in the past cause I see some of these reviews are a bit old but I can honestly say this company must've got their head on straight or something because I wouldn't rate anything less then 5 stars, it's helped with my acid reflex from their alkaline added filter, my dishes aren't scummy, my stand up shower doesn't ha e dry water marks on it, there's no white flaky build up on the end of shower heads or faucets anymore, not every bodies experiences will be the same and there's also people that tend to over exaggerate, but from my stand point, I'm 100% satisfied." - Ashley C.; Texas 01/05/17

"My husband and me recently moved into our new home and got the system installed. We like it alot so far. We are able to tell the difference and how much it improved our water. The gentlemen that come help are very nice and respectful. They are willing to help out anytime. We definitely recommend." - Janneth V.; San Antonio, TX 11/29/16

"The system works great and I did my research from other water softener companies and even the systems carried at Home Depot and lowes. Aqua pro cannot be beat as far as it's lifetime warranty, install, price, and customer service. And the system looks great compared to the others so that was a plus for me!!! Thank you Jonathin Watts!!!" - Leon R. 01/20/17

"My experience with James Watts was exceptional and his counter part Charles Wisham answered all questions, displayed professionalism, and made the process very easy even met with my difficult schedule on the weekend." - Daryl B.; Texas 01/21/17

"James Watts was a very friendly and knowledgeable sales representative. He was able to demonstrate different water tests that sold us on the product. We were given a 5 year supply of Pure & Gentle soaps and a set of pots and pans with a lifetime warranty worth over $2000 and the customer service is exceptional. Charles Wisham provided us with great customer service and making sure we were satisfied customers." - Terry K.; Texas 01/25/17

"It is a very good quality and money efficient water cleaning system , which my family using second year in our home in Folsom, reducing chlorine and hardness of water , supplied to our home ( before it had even strong chlorine smell, which I can feel from meters from running water in sink)." - Eugene P.; Folsom, CA 01/27/17

"We just moved to our new neighborhood and thankfully called the number in the post card. Hawar, who was the sales person presented well the product - AquaPro. We decided to proceed and avail the product. Hawar, thank you for letting us know your product. We will share this good experience to our friends. Allow me to thank also Najvan and his trainee Travon for installing the system. Keep up your good works!" - Rem M.; Prosper, TX 10/19/16

"I love everything about Aqua Pro Elite System. From the presentation when i first learned about our water in our new home, and how awful it was, to the all of cleaning, deodorozing, shampoo and soap i get for free for 5 years. My water tastes amazing, my dishes look amazing my clothes smell great and are very clean and my skin is soft beyond belief. I recommend this system to everyone all the time." - Gina M.; Sacramento, CA 02/03/17

"Grace Saelee from Aqual Pro has been fantastic. After finalizing the sale, she made sure that the install went through just fine and checked up on us to make sure we were satisfied. The equipment is solidly built and working well." - Jonathan A.; San Marcos, CA 01/31/17

"I'm glad we took the opportunity to meet Vandale about this service. First I want to say Vandale was a wonderful person who seem to deeply care about us and making sure we knew the benefits we would have from using this system.
We are about 2 weeks with the system and I can say we felt and tasted the difference on day 1. Our skin feels much better no more dry feeling. I love ice and it is crystal clear and taste great.
Highly recommend this system."
- Tasha J.; Las Vegas, NV 11/03/16

"We had just moved into our new home and we have been getting tons of welcome to the neighborhood post cards. I got a blue postcard that I had originally thought was from the post office. I called the number and it was Aquapro. They said I can have a $25 gift card to either Home Depot or a restaurant of my choice of 1 in like 5 or 6 different restaurants. All I needed to do was have someone come out and test my water.
They came out a few days later to test my water. I knew some stuff but other stuff I was surprised. I don't drink my faucet water and I use my filtered fridge water or my filter water pitcher for my keurig or teas. I was very surprised to see my filter fridge water to be almost as high in impurities as my tap water. The fridge filter was slightly lower and it was a new filter. I had just changed the filter a couple days prior.
Our sales rep was Cody. He was very polite and informative. He has his chemist kit to show us what Aquapro does. He wasn't pushy at all and very pleasant. After seeing everything, we changed our minds and ordered the whole kit. Comes with a water filter for under the sink for drinking and cooking. Water softener and I believe a 3 step cleansing system for inside the garage. All the equipment except the digital meter have a life time warranty. A filter, a spotless car wash water spigot, and salt tank were installed in my garage the next day. There contractor who installed it was also very polite and helpful. He made sure I understood how to maintain my system and answered all my questions. Plus we are getting 4 years worth of all natural laundry soap, dish detergent, bath soap, dishwasher detergent, shampoos and facial soap for free with the system.
It's been about a week we have had the system installed and I already notice a difference in my skin. I have super dry skin due to having no thyroid and now my skin has more moisture and is much softer. So far we are very happy with our system.
- Sandra C.; Las Vegas, NV 11/01/16

"I just want to say I love my new water system that was sold by Vandale and installed by Fidell. I must say that both gentlemen were pleasant,friendly and so very professional, I have had a lot of different services done at my house within the last 3 months but those guys were the best of the best. Everything from the sale to the installation was explained in detail, nothing left to question. I would recommend them to anyone interested in a new water system. Simply A-1 service that couldn't get any better. Vandale/Fidell for your new water system." - Sharon J.; Las Vegas, NV 10/19/16

"Grace & team were a pleasure to work with! They were very knowledgeable and respectful of our home during install! We drink plenty of water in our home - the water provided from Aqua Pro is delicious." - Nikki M.; California 01/24/17

"We purchased our water system couple weeks ago. Water is clean and clear. We feel the difference right away..We love it. . Jeffrey Reimer is our Specialist and he did an excellent job explaining ..he follows up. We feel this is a great investment!!! Excellent services!!" - Shelly T.; California 12/15/16

"Hividar Knendari was so helpful. He was so knowledgeable about the system and what is in city water compared to the water that the system puts out. We just bought a house and this system will help us in the future with hard water problems. Hard water problems can cost us thousands in the future. We got the system yesterday and am still waiting on the check and the pots and pans set. We also can't wait for the soaps and shampoos. I will keep you guys updated in a couple months to let you know about the check, pots and pans and soaps. So far we are very happy with the service and water. You can definitely tell the difference. You need this system in your home." - Christopher H.; San Diego, CA 09/17/16

"Our water never felt and taste good after their installation! I'm happy and thankful that they came and tested our water. You can really feel and see the difference by just looking at the dishes and glasses coming out from the dishwasher. It's sparkling clean even without using Jet dry. Justin and Juan are rock stars! They even made sure to connect the filtered water source to our fridge so we can enjoy filtered ice. I love our new house even more knowing that we our enjoying clean water. Thank you Aqua Pro!" - Michelle C.; Torrance, CA 09/09/16